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Re: Eclair Cameras: HD-144/Installation/Mags

I say give ANY feedback on ANY tech, good or bad, that way they know they
will be noticed for their work, good or bad. Isn't that the premise of this

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Subject: Re: Eclair Cameras: HD-144/Installation/Mags

I think that all tech are not created equal, have the same work ethic,
the same about their service and all do excellent work.  We do agree about
Bernie's service.
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Subject: Eclair Cameras: HD-144/Installation/Mags

> It's probably not a good idea to endorse one tech over the other as they
> are all excellent so call around and see which one works best for you.
> I have had excellent service from Bernie O' and he can offer you the
> laserbrightening service as well.  Just don't make the mistake of
> calling him Mr. O'Doherty like I did!  Also tell Mark you are a list
> member and you will get a 20 percent discount if you purchase one of his
> kits.  Considering the make of your camera, you'll need to add in $75 to
> the price for a kit, which after the discount should make it something
> like $660.00.  If you are looking for a better buy on the 400' mags, try
> Ebay, as they have them for sale every so often.
> Michael Welle

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