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Re: Eclair Cameras: Punctuation


I agree, and do not think I have been rude to this man at all. I just
pointed out my opinion based on my experiences, as most people do.

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It's very important to treat one another with respect irregardless of
another person's viewpoint.  Even if someone wants to tear apart their
Eclair ACL with no experience, it is their perogative and you should
respect that.  If someone wants to take light readings with their TTL
light meter instead of with a Sekonic L-398, that should be respected.
And if someone wants to use a wacky form of English you should let them.
 However, these people may encounter problems along the way such as
adversity, technical problems etc. and hopefully they will learn from
their mistakes.  I believe that it is not right to yell at someone or
call them a bad name because they do things differently or in your mind
"wrong."  Yes, there are rights and wrongs.  A noisy ACL is a lot worse
than a quiet one.  That is pretty black and white.  But sometimes people
have a different way of doing something that gives them a successful
final product.  This is a grey area.  Even if that different way of
doing things is unusual or strange--it works for that person--and they
like it (case in point, I like the TTL light meter--it's worked for me,
and I think that should be respected.)  It's not a matter of right or
wrong in that case, but a matter of different strokes for different

Yes, Mozart is probably superior to rap music, and yes good grammar is
probably superior to poor grammar.  But that doesn't mean you should be
rude to someone who has a hard time understanding or does things

Love your neighbor as yourself.


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