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Re: Eclair Cameras: Cameflex Variable Shutter

Jim Arthurs has one. Try him. He also had it for sale, with Nikon lens.
Perhaps this would be a good camera for you to look at? His email is here as
a Cc.

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Subject: Eclair Cameras: Cameflex Variable Shutter


The variable shutter on my Cameflex is extremely tight and difficult to
adjust.  I've had it serviced twice with no success, and I was told that
it was any looser that the shutter would change position while filmming.
This seems unlikely as it has a screw to hold it in position, and its hard
enough when I'm trying to move it.  I frequently change between 45 and 180
degrees.  I think it must either need to be oiled or I may need to find a
new mirror/shutter.  Has anyone else encountered this problem?

Also, can anyone recommend good 24volt batteries?


Ian Turpen

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