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Eclair Cameras: Clive Tobin's Speed Checker

The Tobin Speed Checker is a small device that has 8 LEDs in a circle. Through the camera reflex viewfinder, when the motor is running half of the LEDs will be lit: they will appear to be moving in a circle if the camera is not at speed, and they will be frozen if the camera is perfectly at speed. The checker has various frame rates. It is $99. Check it out at <A HREF="http://www.tobincinemasystems.com/page7.html";> http://www.tobincinemasystems.com/page7.html</A> . Because the ACL doesn't have an audible out-of-sync alarm, Tobin's speed checker is worth the small price to make sure that you haven't got a weak battery or an electronics problem. I use it before and after each take. It has saved me on many occassions. Mark.

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