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RE: Eclair Cameras: Lens Adapters

Hi RT,

I was referring to the TS adapter. In particular the ones which Les Bosher machines. You can see pictures of them on his website. These are TS to Bayonet adapters, correct?


Mike Welle


P.S. go to "lens adapters" and then "Eclair ACL"

RT wrote:

Hi Michael,
I would have a your tech calibrate your lenses to the appropriate adaptors. Interchanging the adaptors shouldn't affect the flange distance. What the tech would be calibrating for is the minute differences in the tolerances of the adaptors themselves and the lens mounts.

When you say C-mount, do you mean the actual C-mount on the ACL or the larger TS mount? If you do mean the C-mount I wouldn't be too concerned with the flange distance as it's never going to be right for very long. C-mounts are notorious for improper flange depth due to wear and tear on the threads combined with rubbing (more wear and tear) of the back end of the lens against the camera. Toss in variations on how tight some people will tighten a C-mount and you can see that a C-mount adaptor has it's problems. If you can swing it I would recommend a TS adaptor which
solves a lot of the above mentioned problems.

Not sure if this actually answers your question, but I hope it helps. Just my two cents.


Michael Welle

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