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RE: Eclair Cameras: Kodak Vision2

The source didn't say. But with a 500T Vision2 with the grain of a 200, a 200T with the grain of a 50, who could ask for anything more?

Leo Vale wrote:

--- Michael Welle <mwelle@starband.net> wrote:
> Just thought I would share this with everyone.  I
> heard from a very > credible source yesterday that Kodak will soon be > coming out with a new > Vision2 stock (December maybe) that is a 200 > Tungsten with the grain of > the 50D 7245 stock. The person I spoke with said > something to the > effect of: "You know how good 50D looks when blown > up to 35mm? Well, now > you will be able to shoot interiors with the same > amount of fine grain." > This is a big leap for Kodak stock and should > really heat things up for > Super-16 the source said.
--- But will this be Kodak's last new stock?

--- LV

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Michael Welle

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