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Eclair Cameras: Kodak Vision2/Optar Illuminas

Here is a link to a site describing Kodak Vision2 stock (7218) used in the filming of "Heavy Southern Nights":


I was also delighted to see the good things they had to say about Optar Illuminas. If any of you are interested, I might be able to get them from my source and resell each one (except the 8mm) for $999.00. I can sell you the 8mm Optar Illumina for $1325.00. They are brand new in bayonet mount. I would need you to pay me in full up front.

Please contact me if you're interested.  My e-mail is:


Sorry for the shameless pitch, but I thought this might be valuable information to you guys (it's already been valuable for me). As you probably know, these lenses are practically indistinguishable from Zeiss Mk. II and (possibly III) primes and cost significantly less. They go all the way down to T1.3 and focus closer than 10 inches. I thought that some filmmakers at this site might be interested in these valuable benefits given the cost conscious nature of Super-16 filmmaking. I've seen them for sale as a whole set for as much as $16,250.00 at places like Serious Gear. I could sell you the whole set for about $10,000 less. See the link below:


Other links:



Mike Welle
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