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RE: Eclair Cameras: To cooke or not to Cooke?

--- Chris Leong <emotepix@artnet.net> wrote:
...and I also know that the standards of 16mm Circles of Confusion have changed over the years:

1/1000"  (.001")	  old 16mm standard
6/10000" (.0006")- ASC recommends for 16mm
1/2000" 	(.0005")	.0127mm	12.7u	 - modern 16mm

So you see that the newer lenses will probably be in
the order of 1.66 to 2x as sharp as the older 16mm lenses, going by
the CoC standards.

--- The Circle of Confusion, which is an arbitrary
standard, is used for calculating depth of field, not
for measuring resolving power.   Its size is based on
the amount of enlargement of the finished picture. So
the change in size reflects, rather than an increase
in resolving power, a shift from veiwing 16mm films on
a folding screen at the front of a classroom to
veiwing 16mm blown up to 35mm and improvements in
video transfers.

Increased sharpness in "modern" lenses is due more to
increased contrast rather than to higher resolving
power.  A big drawback of contrasty lenses is that
produce a flatter image, snappy but flat.  While a
contrasty lens produces a rounder image, in some cases
lenses will give an image which has a glow to it.
Look at the MGM DVD of 'Zulu'. That was filmed in
Technirama which used Cooke, Leica And a Canon 135mm
behind that huge anamorphic prism.  It's a sensuous
image, sharp and rounded, the classic 70mm look.

--- LV

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