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Re: Eclair Cameras: R16 v S16 to DVD

DVDs are very high resolution even today, and when HDTV is the ONLY type of TV broadcasting in just a few years (I think by 2007) there is a future higher resolution standard for HD DVDs called MPEG-100 --- about 4 times as sharp as today's MPEG-2. And large gas plasma wall screens are dropping in price every day.

So if you want your film to look great in 4 or more years from now, I believe that S-16 is the way to go.

Production Executives used to laugh at me in the mid 90s when I'd make a movie for TV and I'd ask for a 1.85 ground glass to make sure that I wouldn't be embarrassed when the stuff ended up on HDTV (literally laughed like I was living in a dreamworld). Well, they're not laughing now --- companies are spending money to recompose the TV product that never took HDTV into account. (But those Execs still don't care ... they already cashed their checks from those projects and probably work at different companies now anyway).

That's my 2 cents. And remember --- it's more than just grain; the 150% image area difference between R-16 and S-16 is equally about sharpness (ie-apparent focus). Mark.

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