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Eclair Cameras: HD-144 Viewfinder correction for S-16

The "HD-144" specification includes shifting the viewfinder upwards by 1.1mm to recenter the finder on the S-16 frame. The existing ground glass will cover the entire S-16 frame, but not the light meter LEDS --- if you have the light meter, it is probably best to do away with it (unless August has perfected a process to retain the light meter, which involves modification to optics. At one point he was prototyping it. This involves installing a reduction lens in the finder, and replacing the 9 x 15mm convex lens glued to the ground glass with a longer one.).

The following are the instructions from the HD-144 manual for achieveing the basic finder modification:

Modification of Viewfinder Mounting 

     The viewfinder should be shifted upwards by approx 1.1mm in order to center the Super-16 image. This doesn't require any new parts.

     One way in which to achieve this is to slightly elongate the 2 mounting holes in the finder's mount --- downwards --- so that the finder will move upwards on the camera body. Then cement some small washers in the new position with black epoxy.     

     Depending on the manufacture of the viewfinder, it may also be necessary to slightly enlarge the opening in the ACL body to accommodate the new position of the finder. This will be required with Angenieux finders, but not with the Kinoptic.

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