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Eclair Cameras: HD-144 and Metering System

The following statement appears on the HD-144 website:

If the metering system is to be retained:

then with the black block containing the LCDs on the left side, the new HDTV/Super-16 marking should be placed overtop of the old Regular-16 marking with common left sides. The faint circular image of where the meter takes readings will be seen through the viewfinder as shifted more to the right side of the frame, and this is indeed where the readings will be taken.

My first question about this is, can this actually be accomplished?

My second question is, shouldn't the statement be "shifted more to the (left) side of the frame" or am I misunderstanding. HD-144 Viewfinder:

:| ___ | | :| ( ) | |
             .|    ---     |    |
             :|            |    |

Numbers represent what is below it:

1) LEDs
2) circular image where meter takes readings
3) regular 16 right frame line
4) Super 16 right frame line

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