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RE: Eclair Cameras: Color Reversal Film

Raymond, The below website will give you a comparison of 7239 to Kodak Color Negative. In my opinion it doesn't really do justice to 7239, but it gives you a rough idea. I've got some footage I shot at Viscaya Gardens in Miami that feels like Miami Vice!


Click on samples. From what I've heard the Zeiss 10-100 T2 Mark II is suppossed to be the creme de le creme of 16mm movie lenses. There is one on ebay that I saw the other day:


From what I've seen $4,500 is a really good price.

In terms of putting the footage onto a DVD, I'm sure that Bono can do that easily. But remember, MPEG2 is not a good format to edit in so I prefer puttin mine on MiniDV, capturing to my computer, and then burning a DVD myself using Pinnacle Impression.

Mike Welle

Raymond Oelrich wrote:

I am also using the same lens, and soon the Zeiss 10-100, so I will compare. Does the image get compressed to put it onto the mini-DV tape, or can they put it onto a DVD to download directly into my computer, without having to
put it onto mini-DV?

How does the saturation look compared to the negative film? Also, I assume you are talking four 100 ft rolls, not four 400 ft rolls, right, for that


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