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Eclair Cameras: Registration

I absolutely agree that registration on a subliminal level is very, very important. My biggest gripe is that the registration of 35mm theatrical projection is far less steady than that of a high quality 16mm camera. :-) Mark. PS - I'm lucky to have ACLs that I can't see the slightest scintilla of frameline breathing in short of walking right up to the screen and watching for a while to try to notice something. On an ACL, I imagine that registration might decline somewhat as the claw is worn over the years, or as things go out of factory adjustment --- but that's just a guess. Techs out there?????? Of course the acid test is to Superimpose some credits shot with an ACL overtop of ACL footage from the same camera, which I'm just about to do (this should properly be done optically in the blowup to 35mm from a parked frame of the titles, but I'm trying to finish post on-the-cheap using A, B & C rolls).

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