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Eclair Cameras: That Stupid Connector!

I really dislike the connector that goes into the camera from the ergonomic handgrip. About two years ago I took the handgrip off so I could fit it into my Pelican case. Guess what? After taking it out of the case after a shoot, and re-attaching the Lemo Connector and then plugging in that stupid plug, and turning the camera on, I start smelling a burning smell. Then my camera wouldn't run anymore, so I sent the thing off to Du-All camera and they fixed it after about two weeks. Remember when I said film "looks like a luxury and feels like a disease."

Well, I got some films processed during this time, and the left side of the frame was out of focus. This was when I had my camera set up so you had to take the lens on and off when I put it into the case. Today, after reading your posts about taking the lens off your camera when you put it into the case, I tried it again. I have an Arri-Std. Mount. The lens I have is an Angenieux 10-150 T2.2. Anyway, I took the lens off, and then put it back on. It wasn't easy and if felt like I was lacking in mechanical grace. I wondered if I was doing more damage to the mount than if the camera were dropped inside of a case by a FedEx guy. Then I thought I probably wasn't damaging it but was imagining that I was. Anyway, the point is I didn't like messing with it, and I would rather not take my lens on and off. I know a lot of you guys use primes, but then again you are probably all mechanics who drive Chevrolet trucks and know how to change the lugnuts on your tires. "I can't stand anymore of this mechanical grace." And it gets worse, I tried pulling the connector from the handgrip from the camera and I really didn't like the way it sounded when I put it back in. Maybe I'm paranoid, but I don't like screwing with these cameras. That's why I just like to leave them be in there cases! Please, don't anyone say "if you don't understand basic camera operation, you probably shouldn't be shooting film." You know that is sort of like saying if you aren't German with blonde hair and blue eyes you probably shouldn't be breathing! Stop film fascism! I like to leave my camera the way it is when I put it in its case. I like to use my internal light meter. I would rather be shooting video, but video doesn't look as good as film right now.

I hope this means something to you.

"I just know I've gotta get out of this place. I can't stand anymore of that mechanical grace. Though you say its only an industrial squeeze, it looks like a luxury, it feels like a disease!"
Michael Welle

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