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Eclair Cameras: Pelican Cases

Rather than shipping your camera off to A&J Cases or Calzone Case Company, do a lot of you use Pelican Camera Cases? The only drawback that I see with these is that they are not shipping cases, and I can attest. When I sent my camera to Du-All to have it repaired, the 1650 case that I had came back with the pull out handle broken. The real question I'm asking here is what Pelican case is the best for the ACL?

If you wanted to simply have 2X200' mags, the camera body, an ergonomic handgrip, and room for your lightmeter, and spare film it seems to me the 1610 would be the best choice.

But if you had 2X400' mags and 2X200' mags, it might be better to go with the 1650 or the 1660.

Do any of you have experience with these cases? If so, I thought of a potentially good tip for them. Maybe if you saved the original cardboard box that they are shipped in, you could use that to ship your camera in when mailing to your technician for repair. These cases are good, because they are inexpensive and you don't have to send the camera off to a case manufacturer to get your case made. You simply do the work yourself by using the supplied pick n' pluck foam.

Below is a link to a place which has Pelican Cases for very good prices:


What do you guys think of these cases for use with the ACL and if you use them which ones do you have?

Michael Welle

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