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Eclair Cameras:

Eric wrote: i beleive i have collected as much original material for the r16 as did exist when it was made/sold, including original packaging. but these acl/npr cameras are a totally differant gig. did they ever make a box for these cameras? of were they sent out in regular shipping boxes/crates? and then photos of the actual manufacturing facility

This is something I've been wondering myself. In particular, was the camera originally shipped in a box with that padded Samsonite suitcase with the lens attached. If so, doesn't that basically contradict what Aaton says in their manual for the LTR54 when they say ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS remove the lens when transporting the camera. You see, I don't remove the lens. I had a case specifically built for my ACL at Star Case and I shipped it off to Bernie, and the camera is working beautifully. Do you really have to remove the damn lens every time? I hate it because I end up getting it improperly seated and I just don't want to deal with it. I love this line from Elvis Costello because it really reminds me of the Eclair:

"I just know I've gotta get out of this place. I can't stand anymore of that mechanical grace. Though you say it's only an industrial squeeze, it looks like a luxury it feels like a disease."

I really feel like I don't have any mechanical grace, but I love the pictures the ACL takes. The films look like a luxury but the process of making them feels like a disease (problems, problems, problems). Why can't it just be simple like a video camera? Everything feels like an industrial squeeze.
Michael Welle

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