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Eclair Cameras: ACL techs

This is old news now, but I've been very happy with the quality of work of
Bernie O and Les- their charge is also extremely reasonable.  I have been
ripped off and screwed over very badly by a prominent ACL tech.  I've also
purchased incorrectly machined accessories from yet another ACL known house.
If you really need to know, you can contact me OFF list.  I may only give
you the cities they are located in, but that would be enough information.

In truth, there are so few places to go for service, parts and accessories,
so we all need to suffer together to get the end result.  If I keep the ACLs
running and properly accessorized, I will be dealing with the offending
techs in the future.  Or if Bernie and Les retire, and 16mm/S16 is still
viable, it'll be time to replace the ACLs with SR3s or XTR Prods. Then
again, I have stories about Arri techs in NYC...

For electronic repairs, I was very happy with Andrew at AZ Spectrum- he
saved an HD motor for me- and at a fair price.

Information on the net is free and extremely biased.  Take it for what it's

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