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Eclair Cameras: My Sermon

I'm going to try to give my opinion as little as possible here, although I will give it. I think it's important not to use expletives and language which others might find offensive. Others may take offense, and it could create a ripple effect in the forum. I'm not a prude but it's important to keep the peace at the cost of censoring yourself. The reason I said that we shouldn't write about technicians was because Mark had told us that before, and since he is a senior member (and very knowledgeable) it is important to go along with the rules of the establishment even if you don't necessarily agree. This is one of the best forums I've ever been in. It's where people have ties that, if broken, could bring about economic repercussions (with that I'm talking about burning your bridges with a person who might be able to offer you a part or a service or even great advice for your camera somewhere down the road). It is not wise to simply write whatever is in your heart (even though it's sincere) and post it without carefully thinking about what you just said and if you could re-phrase it in a less offensive or more succint way. The writer has a responsibility not just for himself but to the audience he writes for. I am sorry to sound preachy, but I think if others would please heed this advice, the forum would reach a more harmonius state than the one it is in right now.

Sorry to preach,
Michael Welle

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