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Eclair Cameras: To August

I'm not the moderator of this group, but I found many of the statements in your last e-mail to be very disrespectful to Eric. For example: "Not to be rude but your email sounds like you may have been smoking too much weed," was uncalled for and the fact that you had to catch yourself by stating "not to be rude" indicates that it is rude. Kind of like the statement, "No offense, but you're (insert any insult here)."

I would also like to mention that I have found many of your postings to offer destructive rather than constructive criticism. What that does is to make this forum a place that I would rather not frequent. In the past you made the statement: "If you don't understand basic camera function, you probably shouln't be shooting film." This statement was (in my opinion) downright fascist in nature, and you even said you were sorry in a later post...I wonder how sincere that apology really was. It reminds me of another quote from Elvis Costello:

"History repeats the old conceits, the glib replies, the same defeats, keep your finger on important issues with crocodile tears and a pocketful of tissues."

My two cents...Hope this doesn't start a long thread...because I'm not posting for at least a week in case this doesn't cool down.

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