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Eclair Cameras: My Message to Kodak

I sent the following e-mail to Kodak:

Dear sirs,

Your website contains the following description of the Eclair cameras:

Once the "State of the Art" in lightweight precision cameras, these machines do not have the popularity that they enjoyed in the US in the 1960s and 1970s. All Éclair Cameras will run 1R. The Éclair NPR is designed for 400' loads. The ACL Model has 200' magazines for 200' Daylight Spools (NOT A-Minima), which could be a challenge if we no longer offer this spec. Few are in use in the US. Many of the statements here are not true especially the one about "few are in use in the US." First of all, the Eclair ACL is experiencing a revival among independent filmmakers and is exteremely popular as evidenced from simply typing the keywords "Eclair ACL" into the google search engine. There are many informative websites such as the ones listed below:

www.eclairacl.com/index.shtml www.geocities.com/erkanumut2/acl.html

The ACL is also easily and affordably converted to the futureproof Super 16 as evidenced in the following website:


There are lots of accessories made for this camera such as a video assist and a barney:


http://www.warrenyeager.com/barney/ In addition I would like to address the following statements: "The Eclair NPR is designed for 400' loads. The ACL Model has 200' magazines for 200' Daylight Spools (NOT A-Minima), which could be a challenge if we no longer offer this spec." First of all, the way these two sentences are worded subtly implies that the Eclair ACL is incapable of shooting readily available 400' foot loads. In actuality, the versions 1.5 and 2 are equipped with a heavy duty motor which permits the use of 400 foot magazines. In addition, the original ACL is able to pull 400 foot loads when using English designed magazines. The second sentence concerning the A-Minima loads is not true. Any 200 foot magazine for the Eclair ACL will take these loads provided they have the core adaptor plates on the feed and takeup sides. Through snapping off the plastic flanges in a black bag, and inserting the tip of the film into the opposite takeup side, an ACL user can use these A-Minima loads with a 200' mag.

Lastly, I would like to mention that there is a list forum for the Eclair cameras:

A couple other forum members have written Kodak asking you to change the description on your website. They mentioned that you did not reply to their posting. I did not like hearing that, and will not purchase any more Kodak motion picture film and will buy Fuji until the misinformation on your website is changed to the correct information. I usually buy about $300.00 worth of film each year. I would like to make it known that it is unethical to misrepresent a movie camera, even if it was made 30 years ago by a company that went out of business in the 1980's. This camera is one of the most ergonomic and versatile filming machines ever built. It rivals the A-Minima. Its popularity on the web grows every day. Please change your website to reflect the issues I have mentioned.

Michael Welle
Independent Filmmaker
and Eclair ACL owner
Charleston, SC

This email was sent to: elroro@propagandaindustries.org

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