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RE: Eclair Cameras: RESPONSE: kodak 14n dSLR


perhaps in the future you will think long and hard prior to insulting and making accusations towards another person such as you did. the mere fact you place your ideals and ethics above mine, show how little you respect others like me, in public places like this. and your follow up response did nothing but confirm that even more. if you are not prepared to have someone represent themselves in response to statements like that, then they are best not said in the first place. certainly you did not expect me to roll over ... did you? when i get free food tickets or coupons, i read the restriction and take advantage accordingly. that most certainly does not make me unethical, does it? perhaps you do not beleive in food coupons, so at best ... it would make me not acceptable in your class and perceived catagory. but unethical? can any man really determine and conclue the ethics of another? i think not, and i will most certainly not pretend, nor will i place anyone else i nthe position you placed me in. it's not considerate and it is not kind. if you beleive me to be violating a law, you do not accuse me first and investigate second. you investigate first, and IF and only if you have reason, you inquire, or accuse. but you did not even bother to read the terms and conditions of the said warranty, much less ask me. so those were loose words, and should serve as a lesson. if you have loose words that only serve to effect yourself, then those are ok ... because you are in understanding of yourself. to state an opinion based on complete ignorance of the subject matter, when the opinion is of an insulting nature to another person, is ALWAYS going to demand this type of response(or much worse from other's who would instead pull up their sleeves and roll around in the same mud pitt).

so again, i am perfectly capable of accepting an apology and offering complete and utter forgiveness. and if i really want to impose my standards on you, i beleive it would be unethical for you not to apologize to me :)


Michael Welle wrote:


I read your post, and found it very disrespectful. I do not want to discuss law. I was stating that I found your methods to be impractical and unethical. That is what I believe.

Michael Welle

eric m jarvies
cabo san lucas, baja california sur.  mexico

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