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Re: Eclair Cameras: ACL large base INFO

04-02-11 13.48, skrev Paolo på paolo_rudelli@hotmail.com följande:

Basic info like connector utility and electric connetion (i suppose the
canon-xlr connector is for eletric input but i have to bild up cable

All info is wellcome


Eclair ACL II with the large base:

The 4 pin XLR connector is for the power input.
Pin 1 for ground (-minus) and pin 4 for 12 volt plus + .

Pin 2nd 3 on the XLR is for a bloop signal, a signal to a sound recorder to
mark the sync between the bloop light exp. on to the film in the camera.

The six pin Lemo connector on the side is for extern sync, but there is no
external sync control units avalible on the market.

Pin 5 is 12 volt + out and pin 6 is ground (-minus) if you need power to a
If you have a fax I can fax you a wiring diagram.

Hans Hansson, FSF, Sweden
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