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Eclair Cameras: dat to mac

kind of off topic, but i figure someone in here knows, and i am using it with my eclair, so perhaps this will squeek by :)

i need to take my recorded sound from my tascam da-p1 portable dat recorder and put it on my apple/g5. what would be the best bang for the buck equipment wise and speed wise and quality wise specifically regarding the particular above-mentioned dat? i am new to audio in all respects, but need to start learning how to edit it on my computer and apply it to my fcp movies. i would like a device that would allow me to connect the da-p1 to dump the recordings onto the computer, and i would also like to be able to do voice overs/narriation, and perhaps even plug in an instrument or two(i have some friends who are a band, and have their own musical equipment, and because i have built a little sound room, it would be nice for them to be able to play while i record). as such, i have a couple sennheiser mics(studio and shotgun), so what will in need to make it complete? naturally, i have alot to learn, so i do not need anything overkil, but something that works, and is not to expensive, and allows some room for growth so i do not outgrow it to quickly.

i have a thk receiver with optical in/out, and my apple has optical in/out, but my da-p1 does not, and neither do my mics. any advise, or just a step in the right direction would be apreciated so i cna start making my film sound good.

eric m jarvies
cabo san lucas, baja california sur.  mexico

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