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RE: Eclair Cameras: DIY Digitizing 16mm

yes, the jk printer is a nice device from what i have seen of it(almost purchased one), and with a digital SLR camera like the canon rebel or kodak 14n you could have complete computer storage capabilities and color correction options, simply because these 2 cameras are really the only dSLR's that have a computer controlled interface. the jk printer would connect to the camera's flash socket to control digital image advancing, whilst the camera would save the files directly to the computer. one thing the jk printer does not have, but the workprinter does have, is a modified mouse which allows you to use a camera with a pc/mac capture utility like dodcap, etc. these 2 machines are really the only viable options for this sort of task for the pro/prosumer DIY level. the little goko/etc transfer boxes are mediocre at today's image level standards. and transferring off a wall/projection is even worse.

other options are to purchase old single frame advance/ff/rev microfilm viewing devices. these machines can be purchased on ebay for under $500.00, and if you modified the unit, by installing a high res sensor(4mp or greater ... 6mp is great) in place of the old imaging componant, and then scrap the old display with a single piece mac computer/monitor or similar, then you would have a fairly accurate, well working device. try to purchase a digital camera that is broken or not working for cheap ... or one that is visually/cosmetically beat to shit ... the sensor/processor/transport will most likely be ok. but remember, check with manufactures first regarding camera image ratings(how many images the camera will shot before faulting. and remember, this is really not sensor related, but other componants in the process that are less money to replace). try to make sure the sensor you are using is sold by a company whi will also sell you relacement componants. i beleive most sony consumer (non dSLR)digital cameras are rated 500,000-2,000,000 photos. if you cna afford it, purchase a foveon sensor ... that company makes some awesome processors and imagers using tri-level seonsors(stacked/filtered light). also, foveon has a $12k REALTIME RGB sensor completely computer controlled. in other words, you would purhcase a workprinter or modify your own projector, and use the foveon to image just like a telecine machine at REALTIME!! their devices have extremely accurate and completely manual shutter control, etc. with this type of camera, your images would be recording to the computer just like a dSLR does, and NOT like a video camera does, or telecine machine does. this means no sRGB inferior image processing/quality.

from the looks of it, over the next couple of years more of these realtime high res sensors(and large physical sensors as well ... more the 25mm wide) with super powerful processors will be available. just remember, if you are using a video camera, your images will look inferior if you composite of maniplulate them on your computer ... you need high res/bit depth true rgb sensors if you wish to composit of go back out to film.

there are also some really cool microfine projectors(next gen crt) that wil be affordable sooner or later that will allow DIY film printing. imagne having a device that you can digitize your film AS WELL AS print your digital files back to film? the machines currently being sold are $150k and upwards. so perhaps in 2 years you could have both in a diy unit like the jk(or custom like a few of us seem to be building for ourselves) that digitizes and prints film for under $10k. add an automatted film processing unit to the mix and you could have a complete studio in your home for making films. the only left to do at that point is actually make your own film :) maybe when kodak loses more marketshare, they will create and sell home film making kits ... not :)

Super16ACL@aol.com wrote:
Picking up an old JK printer would get you 90% of the way there. A high end digital still camera is added, with modification for use with the JK's electronics. There is also a special $300 lamp housing JK sells designed for digitizing to replace the existing lamp house. Mark.

eric m jarvies
cabo san lucas, baja california sur.  mexico

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