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Eclair Cameras: REPLY: Telecine/Editing etc

5 years. awhile back i would have thought that was too long to work on any single film project. however, now that i am one year into my own film project, and have not shot even a single scene yet, i am beginning to understand. death in the details. building just a minimal equipment package is mind bending and extremely time consuming.
mark, can i view your movie?  is it posted online somewhere?


Super16ACL@aol.com wrote:
I guess I'm old-fashioned in some respects --- I edited my current project on S-16 film using an upright Moviola (hand converted to S-16). Of course I spent 5 years shooting and editing simultaneously, so I had no urgent deadline. It definitely takes more physical work than digital --- but not once did I lose my cut when the power failed! :-) Mark (Back from the AFI Film Fest). PS - I did the soundmix on my home computer using ADOBE AUDITION 1.0 ($299.00) and got great results. In fact, the Dolby 5.1 Surround Encoding Software cost more than the entire sound mixing system!

eric m jarvies
cabo san lucas, baja california sur.  mexico

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