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Re: Eclair Cameras: Kodak's Future

Have you seen the huge investment NFL Films has made in their new facility?
I hear that NFL Films is the largest purchaser of 16mm film.


Has everyone been following Kodak's financial trials in the Wall Street
Journal and other publications?

On another Topica list, some dp stated that he heard through his inside
track grapevine that Kodak will cease R&D on mopic films.  This of course
caused a minor fire-fight, as we are all interested in film.  But after
Kodak announced its diversification/aquisition plans for digital imaging,
along with a dividend cut, major shareholders demanded a rethink of the
plan, no major aquisitions, an increase in the dividend payouts, and a major
reduction in the R&D budget.  Doesn't sound like too many groups in and
around Kodak have much interest in mopic R&D, now, or in the future.

Not what one wants to hear- just reporting what was in the press.  But I'm
sure (I hope) Kodak will continue manufacturing its latest and yet to be
released films far into the future, as long as it's profitable.  Let's look
at Super8 as an example.  Not a lot of great strides, but it's still
available (BTW, I know nothing of Super8).
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