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RE: Eclair Cameras: kinetal 12.5

I have a Cooke Kinetal 12.5mm purchased on Ebay, and it covers Super 16. As I understand it, this design dates back to the Arri S and M cameras. Apparently, the back part of the lens mount can interfere with the mirror when it is used on later Arriflexes like the BL or SR. I guess if you were to buy an unmodified lens you could *very* carefully test-fit it to your camera to see if it clears the mirror. If there's a problem, you could have the lens modified, but the modification may cost more than the lens.

I was lucky - the lens I have was already modified for use on an Arri SR when I bought it. You can spot a modified lens because it looks like a "slice" has been removed from the lens mount close to the rear element. An unmodified lens will be perfectly round at the back. I hope this is helpful and not confusing.

- Ian Marks

I´ve read that this lens does cover s16 and also that it doesn´t.
Does anyone really know?
Also read about a modification for shutter clearance.
what does this mean?

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