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Re: Eclair Cameras: To cooke or not to Cooke?

03-10-25 19.51, skrev Fulgencio Martínez på rockanroll@everyday.com

Q. Is there anyone in the forum with experience on shooting S-16 with
Kinetal and going to 35mm?

A. When Rune Ericson, FSF, the inventor of Super-16,  made the first S-16
films back in 1970 he was using Cooke Kinetal lenses. 12 mm and longer focal
length covers S-16, but not the 9 mm. The Kinetals are today old lenses,
sharp but with low contrast. If you shall use them for video or do digital
post to 35 mm you can increase the contrast in the telecine, but not get rid
of flare and reflections. An other problem with the old Kinetal lenses is
the lens mount. The Arri standard mounts on Kinetals is rotating and this
make it very hard to pull focus.

The new lenses made today by Cooke, Elite, Zeiss and Canon have a much
better anti reflex coating, giving you a higher contrast and less flare. I
love the Cooke Varo-Kinetal zoom lens 10,8 to 52 mm, T 2,8, The latest model
have a very good coating and high contrast, but Cooke is not making the 16
mm zooms any longer.

Don´t spend you money on old lenses. If you shall spend a lot of money on
using  16 mm film and get the best result out of this technology you shall
use the best lenses. Zeiss High Speed and the Russian Elite are the only new
prime lenses for 16 mm on the market, except for some wide angle lenses from
OpTex and Century Optics. Canon make good zoom lenses and also Zeiss and
Angenieux have zoom lenses for S-16.

Q. I wonder if anyone had experience on going through a HD intermediate from
s16 to 35mm. Any advice?

A. A lot S-16 to 35 mm productions in Scandinavian are made over digital
Intermediate with excellent result. A company in Copenhagen, Digital Film
Lab, have a lot of experience woking this way. They use the Spirit telecine
and record in 2k on hard disc. The new 35 mm negative is exposed in a Arri
Laser Recorder.  You will find advice and more info at:

All the best
Hans Hansson, FSF, Sweden

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