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Eclair Cameras: ACL sold - thanks!

Hello All

My ACL sold on ebay, thanks to all who participated. Now all I have left is the matched pair of 35mm stills lenses and the C mount adaptor. This is a Distagon 25mm/2.8 and a Planar 50mm/1.8 for Rolleiflex SL35 and a Rolleiflex SL35 to C mount adaptor. This is the same lens set I mentioned in my earlier lens test posts, excellent results, surprising for the specs (i.e. they're designed for 35mm stills, not 16mm, yet they're amazingly sharp, probably because this was Rollei's first foray into the 35mm world from medium format, and they wanted to impress).

Anyways, the Zeisses for the Contax/Yashica mount (that people adapt for the Arri PL mount) go for a whole lot more, and are opticlally identical to these. The remaining lenses to get for this set are the 35mm Distagon and 85mm Planar.

Anybody who has a 35mm camera could get an Arri B/PL to 39 or 42mm adaptor, and then Rollei makes a Rolleiflex SL35 to 39mm or 42mm ring. That way you could use the same set in C mount or in Arri B/PL as well.

Open to offers.

Thanks again

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