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Re: Eclair Cameras: Pink "Apocalypse Now" lenses

I am on other lists, too, so this is cross-pollination info.  Nikon owners
and lens repairmen put these lenses in the sunlight for a week or two or
under a UV lamp if the weather or location does not have good sunlight.
This takes the yellow out.


Thanks to everyone for their suggestions (and keep 'em coming). Mention
of the pinkish Technovision lenses reminded me of a weird phenomenon
with one of my Nikkor lenses, a 35mm f1.4. Of all my Nikkors, it alone
has a strong yellowish cast. Some research I've done on the internet
suggests that the cast might result from the use of - get this -
radioactive glass. Anyone else heard of this?

Super16ACL@aol.com wrote:
I heard that when the Technovision lenses used on "Apocalypse Now" came
to the rental house in the USA, not only did they find fungus growing
but the glass had acquired an overall pink look to it. When they took
the lens
apart to clean it, an 85 filter came falling out.  :-)  Mark.

- Ian Marks

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