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Re: Eclair Cameras: Associated dangers with sending exposed negative by mail?

A local shooter took film with him on a US domestic flight.  The film was
in checked baggage and got fogged in some places by the inspection machine.
Perhaps just mailing film by itself is more safe than trying to take it on
a plane with you.


Hi guys,

this question is a little off list.

I have an ongoing doco shoot with limited budget
originating on (super) 16mm negative (various
emulsions).   There is only one lab here in Melbourne,
Australia and because of lack of competition the cost
of processing is very high.  I notice that in LA, for
example, the cost of processing 16mm neg is half what
it is here.  I'm going to shoot 70-80 400 foot rolls,
so it's a considerable saving.

Does anyone have any bad experience with sending
exposed negative by mail?  I've done this with a lot
of Kodachrome Super 8 and never had a problem.

Paul Williams

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