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Eclair Cameras: Small and fast 16mms

Hi Hans
Yes, I agree the Acam is tiny, as is the GSMO or any of the gun cameras. However, anything that small and I don't get along too well since I'd be adding things to it to get it to sit steady, or bolting it down to something that doesn't jitter so much. Also,unlike the GSMO, the ACam isn't reflex...

BTW, I came across (and now have) a Canon TV-16 25mm f/0.76 lens in a C mount that looked great but whose rear element protrudes very far (almost half an inch) behind the end of the C mount. Of course it won't fit an ACL, or probably any other reflex camera I can think of. Anybody know of a 16mm camera, reflex or not, that has this deep a rear clearance?


Hans wrote:

> (yes,I'm getting an LTR but will get an ACL2 as well as soon as finances
> permit - the LTR's a fine camera but size wise it's no A-minima, and
> only the ACLs compete in the small camera arena.
> Cheers
> CHris

Hi Chris,

A new small Super-16 camera from Sweden, A-CAM, is now on the market for
sale at less than 4.000.oo USD, include a 9 mm Kinoptik lens.
Go to. www.ikonoskop.com and you will find more information.

Hans Hansson, FSF

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