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RE: Eclair Cameras: My ACL1 kit soon FS

Hi Ian
The TS part is the threaded shoulder part that goes onto the body around the C mount - well actually the lens mount itself has two threads, the center C mount and a larger thread outside it, the TS. The adaptor is a barrel with a threaded collar that fits onto this larger thread. You can get/make TS adaptors pretty easily to fit Arri and other lenses.
ps/contact me directly for further information. Just send me an email by clicking on the link at the top center of this message next to the pencil icon.

Ian Marks wrote:

Hey Chris - I hope I'm not declaring my ignorance for asking, but what's a TS to CA1 adapter? I know what the CA1 part is (duh) but not the TS. I'd be very interested in your Kinor. I'm in Burbank. Do you suppose there's any way I could get a look at it? Also, is the Canon zoom really any good? I have one (an Ebay refugee), and man is it *heavy* - it could serve as a defensive weapon in a pinch.

- Ian Marks

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