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Eclair Cameras: Lens info on Peleng 8mm, Pan Cinor zoom

Greetings Ian,

I think it is Douglas Underdahl at longvalleyequip.com who sells the Peleng 8mm.
The original Peleng 8mm has often flaws due to irregular quality standards at russian
manufacturing plant.
So be very careful who you buy from.

Emmanuel from Munich

On 6 Sep 2003 at 5:45, Ian Marks wrote:

Has anyone had any experience with the Russian "Peleng" 8mm (fisheye)
lenses being sold on Ebay? These were intended for 35mm still work but
are adaptable for 16mm use. Obviously there's plenty of coverage for
Super-16, but I'm wondering what the lens is actually like in use.

Emmanuel SUYS
Kamera-Assistent, Focus Puller, Assistant Camera
35mm - 16mm
Français, Nederlands, English, Deutsch
Tel:00-49-89-30 76 34 69
Mob:00-49-160-80 36 889
European based, Munich

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