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RE: Eclair Cameras: OT: Looking for CP mount zoom

I've had an older, non-reflex CP16 in the past and have a later (I hesitate to say "modern") reflex model CP16R now. The "hard seating mount" you describe sounds like the "cup" that normally accompanies the old C-mount Angenieux zooms with built-in finders. If I'm not mistaken, it's finished in a satin silver whereas the rest of the lens is black, and the view through the finder probably features a small, ground-glass center spot for focusing, instead of having a ground glass image across the whole field. This "cup" (I don't know the technical name for it) does indeed act improve the seating of the lens on the camera, and is needed because the tiny C-mount was never intended to support a large zoom lens, especially not the honking big 9.5 to 95mm. It is still a questionable way to mount a large lens to the camera, which probably why Cinema Products developed a camera with built-in reflex viewing and a bigger, stronger mount, obviating the need to use lenses with built-in finders.

Such a lens would have a C-mount, not a CP mount. The CP mount is much more robust - I've heard it described as a miniature BNCR mount. Lenses in the CP mount are pressed directly into the mount along the Z-axis, and then a breechlock ring permanently attached to the camera is rotated about a quarter-turn to lock it down. There is no screwing involved. The short viewfinder is much better for handholding the camera, obviously. I think the short finders were called the "AV" model, but don't quote me on that. I don't know if they are readily interchangeable with the long finders, but in any event they not plentiful on the used market. You might want to check with a company like Alan Gordon in Hollywood to see if they have any in stock, but make sure you're sitting down when you start to talk price. Likewise, a lens technician might have a finder available from an old lens being cannibalized for parts. I did see one, apparently unused short finder for sale on Ebay once and regret not buying it myself. Hope this helps.

- Ian Marks

C.J. Scheppers wrote:

I bought a CP16 from a friend.  It had a C mount and it caused him some
problems so he had a hard-seating mount installed which has a gap in it for
the side finder on the lens.  Is this a CP mount?

My other question is that he had the long viewfinder installed to use the camera on a gear head and dolly. I'd like to find the short viewfinder so I can use the camera on my shoulder or on a regular tripod sometimes. Does anyone have the short viewfinder? I think it could be easily swapped with the long viewfinder when I need it. The lens is a 9.5 to 95mm Angenieux.


>I had a CP mount changed into an Eclair mount for $250, I think....it >was
>more than a few years ago.
>Warren Yeager, SOC
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>> Hi all,
>> I have a CP-16r with a nice Canon zoom that has a chip that shows up in
>> macro mode.  Does anyone have a Zeiss, Angenieux or Canon lens wiht a cp
>> mount they are looking to sell?  Or, does anyone know how much it costs
>> to change out a mount, like from c, aaton or arri to cp?
>> Thanks,
>> Brandt

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