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Re: RE: Eclair Cameras: Digital Post-Production

Thank you, Chris!

I'm a shooter/editor for an NBC affiliate in upstate NY, and no stranger to shooting video, but am fairly new to the non-linear editing. I've always thought of video as the "bastard cousin" of film. It's handy for certain appications but I am not a particular fan of it. I'm keeping an open eye towards the digital movement, but I just love film. Currently, I have built up an entire 16mm studio for fiddling with my film projects.... including 4 cameras(of differing capabilities). Now that I'm getting started on a personal project, I am investigating some of the options to the costly (and sometimes simplistic) post-production options offered by professionsal labs. I have seen a lot of relatively advanced effects from people cutting on digital equipment. Personally, I see our production department take some of our "news" footage, and manipulate the heck out of it for commercials and promos, and am amazed at how it sometimes looks as a finished project. Though I want to originate my project on film, I am quite intrigued by the idea of haing a computer at home to do my editing upon. Even for simple things.... such as multiple dissolves, speed manipulation or subtle color timing.

Currently, I am a Mac user (for personal use), and would not mind moving to a hotter machine for my filmmaking needs. If I am just having a lab process my negs, and digitize it for me, I should be all set. Right? It's not like I would be editing a "recipe" for them to process a projection print from.... as I am only wanting to make a master DVD from my media. I guess this would be analogous to the folks burning original music to CD for distribution, and side-stepping studios and distributors.

I also extent kudos to you for consideration to keeping a nice "meaty" sound track going. Don't most of the editing platforms have extensive capabilities for multi-track sound work/mixing?

Thank you, Chris, for the input. It gives me a springboard from which to do some more research for my editing set-up. I'd rather hear from guys in the biz, than from the salesmen peddling their "superior" goods.

                                       ~Kelly Fuller~

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