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RE: Eclair Cameras: Shooting 35mm lenses on 16mm camera

Hi Vic

Just completed a pretty wide (although subjective)
lens test between rented Zeiss lenses (one 10-100T3, two superspeeds), regular 16mm lenses (Cooke, Switar, Canon TV-16) and 35mm stills camera lenses on a C mount adaptor (Zeiss Oberkirchen for Rollei, Zeiss Jena and Olympus OM).
I think I can answer your question since I did the
test two days ago and watched the results at Fotokem last night:

I too thought I saw better results from the zoom.
This turned out marginally to be the case, because the 35mm stills lenses are built to cover a much larger image area to comparable sharpness as the smaller 16mm lenses. However, with top flight stills lenses, like the Zeiss or the Nikkors, that difference is only noticeable at larger apertures and with finer grained film. I shot a variety of stocks and with anything over an EI200 speed film, at larger apertures, the grain took my attention away from the lens sharpness.

At EI50, the results were as one would expect:
first, the Zeiss Primes. Then the Zeiss zoom, marginally over the Zeiss stills lenses at wide aperture. (Stopped down is another matter). Then the older R16 lenses, then the cheaper TV-16 zoom.

However, I do plan to use some of the "less sharp"
lenses on certain headshots, just because the softness is more pleasing to the eye and the sharpness isn't THAT far off from the Zeisses.
Just think - a $20 C-mount Canon TV-16 zoom lens can
give (IMHO) a nicer headshot than a $1200 Zeiss 10-100 zoom or a $1000 Zeiss Highspeed prime (of course, both Zeisses with black net 1's and lowcons to hold down the contrast and soften the face)...

(now if only I can solve the enigma of the fogging

-much happier now he's made sure that all's as it
should be-


et wrote:

Hei hei

I'd like to ask you about the Nikkor lenses again.
Are they sharper than
Schneiders -- I mean the old Arri Schneiders?
Here's the strange thing.
have a Nikkor 50mm and a 12-120 Angenieux zoom
lens. I tried them on my
ACL -- just sighting through the viewfinder
without shooting film, and
the zoom looks better. I know it sounds crazy, but
can that be?

> >
> >

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