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Eclair Cameras: ACL - 2nd test - MAGS (long report)

Hello ACLers

Shot another cam test with my English ACL and just came back from the screening.

This time I shot all 3 mags (a French 400 (A mag) and two English 200fters (B & C mags) Pleased to say that the French 400 (A mag) was fine. Image rock steady, The scratches from my earlier test (see ACL problems earlier) on B mag were gone, probably because I looped correctly this time. The magazine that was fogging, BTW, is still fogging, giving intermittent bands of white (like the camera was being stopped and started, but in mid-shot) and fogging was pervasive throughout the roll.

Now one other caveat, mainly for beginners: the second 200 ft mag ( C mag) had a loose rubber seal, the one that goes around the pressure plate. I felt it come loose as I mounted the mag, and was able to wiggle the mag left and right in the body, and didn't bother to double check the fit. Big mistake. That roll exhibited strong weaving and jittering throughout. I then pulled the mag, saw the rubber seal hanging out, replaced the seal, re-mounted the mag. The jittering went away, image back to rock steady. Please do check this on your loads. Wiggle the mag like checking for a loose tooth.

I failed to do this on my 400ft mag and it did indeed fall off onto the garage (concrete) floor, as mentioned in the ACL websites. Didn't think it could happen until I was it. Wiggle those mags!

Still don't know what's causing B mag's fogging. This time I taped everything shot, firmly shot, with photo black camera tape. Baggies on all rolls, cans sealed and taped tight inside a changing bag. There was no way any light could have come in during loading/unloading, as evidenced by the film from the other two mags, which showed no fogging at all. I used one 400ft roll of neg, ran 200ft through the 400ft mag, then pulled it and put the rest into mag B, shot around 50 feet on that, then pulled it again and loaded it into mag C. Mags A and C (first and last loaded) showed no fogging at all beyond the normal.

'Tis a puzzlement... and one I'm going to have to get to quick - there's a shoot coming up!

All the best

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