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Re: Eclair Cameras: The Mini super16mm

The A-Minima is an Aaton product and takes 200' loads.  Too bad I can't
capitalize 200.

I've been thinking about all of the posts on the quality of an image
depending on just lens and film (and steady transport) which is true.  It's
the other features which separate the cameras, like orientable viewfinders,
video taps, Arri SRIII being able to ramp speed up and down while the
shutter changes angle to compensate for exposure, crystal sync, several
speeds, silent, availability of lenses, reliability of lens mount,
focusing/viewfinder system, battery power, Super16 and magazine size (my
CP-16 can take 1200' loads).


I've seen pictures of the camera Pierre is talking about. I think it's
called the "A-Minima" or something like that. I just don't understand
what market they're trying to appeal to with this camera. 100-foot
loads, no reflex finder... similar to the Richter EMP in concept. Seems
like the answer to a question no one is asking.

- Ian Marks

Pierre Samuel Rioux wrote:
Do you ear about the A-Cam it is a super 16mm at low cost develeped by
user. At www.ikonoskop.com they want also developed in the future a low
cost scanner.
You should take a look the A-Cam got a interesting desing.It is a no
reflex camera and it take onley 100 ft.they give not much info specialy
on the motor. A interesting tools for action ft and musical clip.
The ACL it not going to lose it place any way !!! but i thing we are in
a hybride periode where we used different tool to create.

Pierre Sam

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