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RE: Eclair Cameras: Punctuation

Thanks for the grammar lesson.  I would suggest that everyone on the list
try to relax a little and get the subject back onto ACL cameras were it
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 Just playing Devil's Advocate:

 There is the story about the Hollywood screen writer who is one of the
most highly regarded creative genius-types in Tinseltown, noted especially
for his very natural and highly believable dialogue writing --- he's won
several Oscars, and if a studio wants a writer to create a great drama, he
is the guy to hire if you can afford him.

 So the writer takes his hand-written draft of his latest script into a
typist and  emphasizes the need to be accurate, as advance word is that this
script could be the next Citizen Kane and people are already talking Oscar.

 The next day the writer comes in and picks up his typed script.

 A few hours later he is back. "This isn't identical to what I gave you,"
he tells the typist.

 "Sure it is," the typist says, "except for the incorrect punctuation that
I fixed up. Half your sentences ended with " --- " or " ..."

 The point is, we all have our own standards, and in a creative world what
is wrong to one person may be idiosyncratic to another and may be a sign of
genius to yet another.

 As Marlon Brand is reputed to have kept saying to Francis Coppola on the
set of the Godfather as Coppola would freak out that his entire career was
riding on this film after having directed "The Rain People" and "Finnian's
Rainbow":   "Hey kid, relax ... it's just a movie."


 PS --- I just spell-checked this document. It found errors with " --- "
and " ... "  !!!

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