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Re: Eclair Cameras: AZ Spectrum video assist

03-07-22 16.11, skrev Wade Ramsey på wramsey@bju.edu följande:

Sorry not to clarify that.  Our Arri SRII's video assist beamsplitter is
80/20, meaning that 80% of the light goes to the finder, 20% to the video
camera.  Most are 70/30, so the finder is a bit dimmer.  Ours was done by
Utterbach in San Francisco, and that is one of their special features.

In your case 80% of the light goes to the finder, for AZ Spectrums video
assist 50% goes to the finder. The diff. are 30%, ca 1/3 stop.
I had a Arri original video T-bar and that was 50/50% and I had now problem
with a dark finder.

Hans Hansson, FSF, Sweden

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