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Eclair Cameras: NPR items WANTED (ur ... NEEDED!)

hello everyone!

my name is eric, this is my first post in this board/thread.

i am in the market for(new, used, new old inventory):
1. video assist/tap for the NPR.
2. 400' mags (or any 800'/1200'/1600' custom mags like used at woodstock. note, i have no clue what size those mags were, my 8/12/16 was a shooting session with blanks)
3. super16 conversion kit
4. any and all ca mount to '??' converters(camera-side only)
5. blimps
6. batteries
7. i forgot what #7 was.  hmm
8. any other wizbang, must-have item for this camera-type.
9. non npr related, but i am looking to purchase a new-used inventory ACL camera, or a collectors condition acl body, mag, accessories, etc. one was on ebay this week, and i placed a bid, because the buy now was a bit high, and i returned and it was sold. argg. 10. i remember what #7 was, a SERVICE MANUAL(i will take it any way shape or form, but would prefer original mint). also, an original mint USER MANUAL.

i am ebay and paypal registered (ericmartinjarvies), and would love to hear from anyone that may have anything NPR they want to sell.

also, i have some newbee questions ... perhaps some old timer would endulge me?

are acl and npr parts interchanagable? if so, to what degree? accessories too(viewfinder, gate cover, mags, etc.).

eric m jarvies
cabo san lucas, baja california sur.  mexico

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