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Re: Eclair Cameras: ACL problems

I've been told that daylight spools are loaded by weaving the film left and
right slightly to make the film ride up against both sides of the daylight
spool.  This helps stop light penetration past the first couple of layers
of film on the supply side.

The takeup side in the camera just winds the film onto the daylight core
evenly so a slight gap might exist on both edges of the film.  The edges of
the film could become fogged if handled in bright light.  If your film is
also loosely packed, more area could become fogged in bright light.

That's what I heard.

Look for clues like some footage being fogged more than others, a greatly
fogged area, progressively fogged at the tail of the roll (daylight spool
and film wind problem).  You might not have enough take-up tension if the
film wind was not tight.


Hello fellows

Have some potential problem areas with my ACL1/English 200ft mags that I
thought I'd put to you as a group before I take more drastic measures:

1) test footage was partly fogged. Mag lids felt okay on seating.
However, since the 200ft load was on a daylight spool, it didn't have a
black plastic bag, so I didn't use one after exposure. I think that may
have been the culprit, but I don't know. I've never used a 200ft
daylight load before, and I've always had bags in my film cans. Come to
think of it, that's probably the main cause. Agree?

2) the takeup wind was loose on unloading. I had to press the coils flat
to fit the wind back into the film can. It was loose enough that I
wasn't concerned about scratching as I reformed the loops flat. No, I
didn't cinch the roll tight after that. Is this another effect of using
the 200ft daylight load? i.e. uneven core sizes? (takeup side was a
normal 2" plastic core)

Sorry if this sounds a bit basic. My first film through an ACL.


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