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Eclair Cameras: Cameflex bushings?

Since you mentioned having some spare parts, may I ask what is available to
refurbish the connecting rod pivots in the Cameflex.  If you think of it as
car engine parts, it would be new bearings where the connecting rod fits
the crankshaft on one end and the piston (reciprocating pull-down) on the
other end.  Occassionally, I work on my project of making a techniscope
Cameflex having 2 perf pull-down.  One way of doing it involves modifying
the crankshaft/connecting rod so I need some parts to put this link back
together.  The pivot pins are riveted/staked in place; the connecting rod
pivots on these two pins.  Originally, there is no real bushing, just steel
on steel contact.


C.J. Scheppers

Hi August and Emmanuel

The Cameflex is a very noisy camera. It is not self blimped. I own a blimp
for one , but this is waiting on some
engineering work. Clive Tobin recently sold me one of his Bolex blimp plans
and I may
try and modify this to work with a Cameflex, but don't hold your breath.

I have both spare parts and spares for Cameflexes, NPRs and ACLs.

I do not have everything , some of the popular items are not in our
for example:

We do not  have crystal motors for the Cameflex - though we do have "mains"
Don't have time-lapse motors.
Or Kinoptik lenses.

We DO have :
Most spare parts for the camera - mirrors, movements, turrets , shutters,
viewfinder optics etc
magazines - 100', 200', 400' , 16mm mags
gelatin holders
wooden carry cases
some 16mm gates and retainers - (need to be fitted to your  CM3 body)

Unfortunately I can't really supply an inventory of what is available, but
I'm happy to receive
enquiries for individual bits and bobs.

I currently have a CM3 body with resilvered mirror and 2 off 200' mags for
750.00 GBP .

As for the Emmanuel's question about hard-fronting. Obviously your mount
choice tends to be dictated by
what lenses are available to you at what price and what sort of client base
you've got.  If you are shooting
for yourself it probably makes sense to stick with a Nikon, or CA-1 or arri
bayonet convertor for the
Cameflex, but if you have a high end client base then a PL hard front is the
way to go. Price is clearly an
issue . I don't think it is for me to say what  Les charges, but expect to
pay three times as much for a PL
hard front as you would for a Nikon conversion on one of the ports.

There are a couple of people in the UK who have really done the whole hog
(so to speak!) to their cameflexes
including adding an angenieux orientatable viewfinder, arri groundglass and
video assist. But you really do need an excellent client base to finance and
justify these expenditures. Bah! I'll be there one day!!

ian samels

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