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Heads Up Everyone

Eclair ACL Discussion and Support

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I'll be sending out a broadcast from time to time to inform list members of an interesting link, article, etc., etc.
If you haven't already, go over and check out Mark's site at:
It is THE ACL site. It has everything you wanted to know about the ACL. Drop Mark a line if you have any tips. If you have a question ask him as he's the ACL guru (he's the same guy who posts the excellent tips from time to time). He also sells a very reasonably priced Super16 kit. If you factor in what it would cost you to have a tech custom machine your parts during an S16 upgrade you'll appreciate Mark's price. He is also taking orders for an onboard battery holder that uses off the shelf 12v camcorder batteries! He needs something like 2 dozen orders to make it practical. So get off your duff and order one. If you have any other interesting sites ,links, tidbits, what not, let me know.
Viva le ACL.
Ray the List Mum

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