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Re: cosmicar tv lens

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Watch the back element on TV lenses. Some protrude back from the mount a bit
and your mirror might hit it, which would be a very expensive mistake
indeed. I know the Cosmicar isn't compatible with reflex Bolexes so it might
have this issue. I've heard the glass on them is pretty good, nice and
sharp. As far as Super16 compatibility is concerned, I think any TV lens that is
for 2/3" CCD's and larger will be compatible with a Super 16 frame. My vote
goes to using Nikon SLR lenses if your Super16 bound. Hope this helps.
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 Subject: cosmicar tv lens
 > has anybody used a Cosmicar 8.5mm c mount lens.  I saw a couple up on
 > and was wondering if anyone has used this lens before and can relate
 > opinions regarding sharpness, function, etc. I thought it might make a
 > prime lens for my ACL.  one of the ads mentioned it will cover super

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