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what prime lens for ACL?

Eclair ACL Discussion and Support _____ ListBot Sponsor Get greater financial power with NextCard(r)Visa(r) Transfer balances to an APR as low as 2.99% Intro or 9.99% Ongoing. 24-hour online account management and Rewards Points for every dollar you spend. APPLY NOW! http://www.bcentral.com/listbot/NextCard _____ thanks all for the info on the cosmicar 8.5. i'll probably stay away from that lens. does anybody have any suggestions for a prime lens on my ACL? i handhold alot and my angenieux zoom is a real pain. the lens should be fairly wide. i would like it to be compatible with super 16 down the road. any advice? what are other people using? thanks. _____ Get your FREE download of MSN Explorer at http://explorer.msn.com _____ To unsubscribe, write to EclairACL-unsubscribe@listbot.com