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Re: what prime lens for ACL?

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My vote still goes to Nikon mount SLR lenses. Their cheap (by film
standards), sharp, and I find the large barrels lend themselves very well to
focusing while handheld. Downside is they aren't particularily fast and wide
lenses aren't that wide in 16mm. You can get ACL-Nikon mounts occasionally
or a C-Nikon mount is easy to find and cheap. And they are great for S16
applications because you only use the inner (sharpest) portion of the lens.
I just bought a Fujinon 12.5mm TV lens in c-mount. I'll post my results with
that lens in the future.

ps. As a side note does anyone know of a company that can convert the stock
ACL CA-1 mount to Nikon? The Moviehouse in England used to do it but they've
since discontinued.

----- Original Message ----- From: French Cam To: EclairACL@listbot.com Sent: Tuesday, May 15, 2001 11:34 AM
   Subject: what prime lens for ACL?
thanks all for the info on the cosmicar 8.5. i'll probably stay away
from that lens. does anybody have any suggestions for a prime lens on my
ACL?  i handhold alot and my angenieux zoom is a real pain.  the lens should
be fairly wide. i would like it to be compatible with super 16 down the
road.  any advice?  what are other people using?   thanks.

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