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Re: what prime lens for ACL?

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Years ago, there was an article, perhaps in American Cinematographer, on selection of lenses for blowup work.
The conclusion was that Nikkors were the optimal choice.

For projected 16mm, Nikkors were found to be less usable than Zeiss 16mm optics, because the RTF is optimized at too high a spatial frequency, and is thus smeared out due to projector jitter. However, projected 16mm is no longer a significant market.

Abel Cine-Tech in NYC has a web page on Super 16, and suitable lenses.
They specifically state that any 35mm zoom can be used for S-16 work, but that older S-16 zooms, such as the Angenieux 15-150 (which I unfortunately own) are to be avoided.

The 16mm Camera Book states that for blowup work, there are three choices: Zeiss Superspeeds, the remarkable Cooke 10.4-52, or Nikkors. The Cooke Kinetal primes,which I own, are not sharp enough.

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I'll bet optical electro house in Culver City can do a CA-adapter to Nikon Conversion. They do the CA to PL conversion --- but it isn't cheap. I tend to be leary of 35mm SLR lenses in 16mm, because they do not have to be manufactured to the same degree of sharpness as 16mm lenses. (In 35mm motion picture work they aren't bad). I've had aluminum barrels machined for my zeiss prime lenses (Arris-S mount; lenses worth about $400-500 each) that slip overtop of the lens, screw down onto the lens focus ring, and thet give SLR-like front focusing.

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