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Re: ACL/bolex lenses

Eclair ACL Discussion and Support

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wow! thanks for all the info on the lenses guys. it gives me a lot to
consider. i'm leaning towards c mount lenses because of cost. super16acl
mentioned the 10mm switar. i have a bolex as well and i was wondering if
10mm would cover super 16 on a bolex? kill two birds with one stone so to
speak. thanks again.

One thing to observe:
There are two kinds of Bolex lenses: the older ones, and the RX lenses.
The RX lenses contain a compensation in the optical formula for the
beam-splitter in a reflex Bolex.
This means that RX lenses contain an error in the optical formula when used
on cameras which have mirrors, instead of beamsplitters.

It is not recommended to use a 10mm RX lens on your Eclair.
A non RX lens will work.

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